5 Health Tests You Should Take Before Fasting

Ramadan Fasting is abstinence from food and fluids from sunrise to sunset. It is a custom for Muslims all over the world to honor their holy month. An important Ramdan fasting rule is to eat before 5 am and after 7 pm.

As another Ramadan season draws near, Muslims are preparing to begin a month-long fast. It is however important to note that some people may be unable to fast for a variety of reasons, especially health-related issues.

We have seen cases of people who took ill in the process of fasting only to realize that their bodies couldn’t go for too long without food or fluid. Some people have unfortunately passed from this situation as well. Hence the need to be sure about your state of health before embarking on a fast.

Fasting is generally not recommended for persons with pregnancy, diabetes, heart, kidney, or liver disease, and any serious illness. You may feel “able-bodied” but a health test will allow you to know the exact state of your health. Health issues affect people differently, some may already be experiencing symptoms. In most cases, signs only start to show long after damage to certain organs has happened. This is why it is important to get some health tests before Ramadan starts.

Below are some of the health checks to do before you go on a long fast.

General Body Checkup

This test is recommended for you before fasting, whether you are worried or you just want to know the current state of your health. The General Health Checkup screens your vital organs to gauge how they are working. If they are not functioning as they should, these tests can quickly reveal that and let you know the next steps to take. Some of the tests included in the General Health Checkup are listed below.

  • Full Blood Count – reveals infections, anemia, and other serious health issues.
  • Thyroid screening – thyroid related issues and diseases
  • Kidney function test – kidney disease and failure
  • Liver function test – liver disease and damage
  • Total cholesterol – heart disease and blood vessel diseases
  • Blood sugar – diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Book a general checkup now.

Heart Health Test

If you have a history of heart disease or are on medication, it is best to take a heart health test. You can assess the state of heart health and based on the results speak to a doctor. Fasting can be safe for some people with heart health issues, however, this decision should be guided by a heart health test and medical advice from a doctor. You should also take a heart health test (regardless of what age you are)  if you have shortness of breath, swollen ankles, or feel fatigued. Book a heart health test now.

Diabetes Test

Two-thirds of diabetes cases in Nigeria are yet to be diagnosed. It can be dangerous for those who have diabetes to go on a fast. There is an even higher risk for those with Type 1 diabetes. Some people do still choose to fast however, this should be guided by a test and medical advice. A doctor can help you manage your blood sugar before and during Ramadan fasting. Testing for diabetes will include screening for Blood Sugar and HBA1C.

Peptic Ulcer Test

Fasting with ulcers can be life-threatening. The regular and long hours of fasting that come with Ramadan are not favorable for people with ulcers. It may cause the reappearance of ulcers or even ulcer bleeding. If you have been experiencing pain in your stomach during and after meals, you should get tested before you start Ramadan fasting. You need to take a test so you can get proper treatment for the ulcer. Book a Peptic Ulcer Test now.


COVID may seem like it is becoming a thing of the past but it is still very real. Infection or post-infection may make Ramadan fasting more difficult for you. Though a positive COVID test may not cause you to skip the fast, it will allow you to be informed on how to work around it. For instance, you will know how to look after yourself, take in as much fluid as possible, and distance yourself from others so as to not infect them. Book a Covid-19 test now.

Important note as you prepare for Ramadan fasting

It is honorable to take part in Ramadan fasting. Taking these health tests allows you to not compromise your own health. Take this as a very important Ramdan fasting rule. You can book a test here.

Booking a health test with Healthtracka guarantees that you get your result within 48 hours. It also gives you a free consultation with a doctor to review your results and advise you on what to do next.

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