How To Prevent Blood Clot Disorder

Blood clots are formed as a result of various problems. This means that their prevention should also be taken via different approaches.

It is better to prevent blood clots from forming in the first instance because they do not exhibit symptoms until they are bigger and more occlusive. If discovered late, the complications can be serious and even fatal.

Quit smoking. You can start by cutting down your daily consumption. Do this consistently and with time, you will be able to do without cigarettes. You can talk to a healthcare professional about available medical options.

The quality of your diet is important. Get into the habit of consuming food high in omega-3 rich foods, fruits and vegetables. Vitamin-E rich foods may also be helpful.

Try to be physically active. Not only for your heart, but to prevent clots from forming in your leg. Being immobile for hours is a major cause of blood clotting. If your job keeps you immobile, you can take breaks intermittently to walk around.

Compression stockings are also recommended. By applying gentle pressure, they boost circulation in your legs and increase blood flow to your heart.

Clots can be treated with the use of blood thinners. These medications prevent clots from forming at all in high risk individuals or stop existing clots from getting bigger. They are of different types namely anticoagulants like coumadin and heparin and antiplatelets like clopidogrel.

Learn about any other conditions that could increase your risk for a blood clot. Ask whether there is a genetic predisposition in your family and talk to your doctor about ways to lower your risk. People living with diabetes, hypertension, and vascular diseases can also consult their healthcare provider for more advice.

Test to diagnose blood clotting disorders

A diagnostic test for clotting disorders measures prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin time, and platelet tests.

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