How Sex Affects Your Heart

Does sex truly affect our hearts? Many people wonder if it is possible to have a heart attack during sex. In this article, you will discover the connection and how sex affects your heart. You will also learn about the benefits of sex to your heart health and how to enjoy sex if you have heart disease.

For people suffering or recovering from heart diseases, there is a tendency to be wary of physical exertion of any kind. Whether it is running on a treadmill or having sex with their partner, there is a certain fear that it could exacerbate the existing condition. It is absolutely okay to be concerned, it shows that you are cautious and want to be healthy.

The question of sex being safe or not in the presence of heart diseases is an often closeted one. Sex is by nature a rigorous activity. This means it exerts some pressure on the heart. For this reason, the question is valid and requires clear answers.

Sex is an essential part of our biology. Most of us are born as a result of it. This singular act is responsible for the continuity of the human race. In essence, we can not completely stay away from it.

Even when there is no desire to procreate, it provides pleasurable incentives which are difficult to abstain from. Avoiding your normal daily activities including sex or reducing the frequency could cripple your quality of life.

Can sex affect my heart health?

There is no single definite answer to the question of how sex affects your heart. It has many facets that must be explored thoroughly to fully understand it.

A person with good heart health, that is without cardiovascular problems, has no cause to worry about developing a heart attack during sex. In persons with stable heart diseases being adequately managed, there are also no risks involved.

The major fear associated with sexual intimacy is a heart attack. For a vast majority of people, the risk of developing a heart attack during sex is really low.

The Numbers To How Sex Affects Your Heart

For average sex of 5-15 minutes, your heart rate rises to a peak number of 130 beats per minute. Blood pressure could also increase to 160/90. Typically, these numbers should fall back to baseline. Provided there are no accompanying symptoms, there is no risk indicated.

It is often said that sex can burn off calories. To confirm this, research was carried out on heterosexual couples in their early 20’s. The study aimed to determine the quantity of energy expended and calories burned during sex. These parameters were then compared to the ones gotten when these same people participated in a 30-minute walk on a treadmill.

It was noted men lost 101 calories during sex compared to the 276 calories they burnt on the treadmill. Meanwhile, women lost 69 calories during sex and 213 calories on the treadmill. This shows that generally, sex is less stressful than walking on a treadmill which is a moderate-intensity exercise.

Sex is indeed a form of exercise but not a significant type. Based on the numbers from the study, it requires little exertion and does not account for a great loss of calories. This further explains that sex is not even sufficient to meet your exercise requirements.

What this implies is that if you are experiencing symptoms suggestive of a heart attack during sex, you should totally abstain from any strenuous physical activity at all.

Do not try to continue despite the symptoms hoping that they will wane. You should visit your doctor before attempting any exercise. Some of the symptoms to look out for are chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

Can my poor heart health affect my sex life?

A previous episode of a heart attack has several emotional aftermaths on a person. One of these is the hesitation or outright unwillingness to have sex because of fear of recurrence. In cases like this, such a person may need to discuss their fear with a doctor.

One’s sex drive, erectile abilities, and orgasm are likely to be more affected by heart diseases. Firstly, there is reduced sex drive that is caused by emotional factors. Certain drugs prescribed for the heart could also be responsible for the inability to have sex.

In addition, about 25% of people who have had heart attacks will suffer depression and antidepressants are capable of reducing libido. Depending on the kind of cardiovascular problem, there could be insufficient circulation to various areas of the body including sex organs causing erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of sex to heart health

There are many positives to how sex affects your heart. It has some remarkable benefits that include strengthening of the heart muscle and lowering of blood pressure amongst others. Sex is good for bonding which has been found to reduce one\’s risk of depression and anxiety which are linked to heart diseases.

Quality sex has been proven to improve sleep and ease stress. After sex, the brain release chemicals which enable you to sleep better, relieve stress and improve your mood.

How to enjoy sex if you have a heart disease

Here are some tips to adopt during sexual intimacy if you have been diagnosed of heart disease.

  1. Talk to your doctor about it so they can inform you when your condition is stable enough.
  2. Choose a convenient time when you are well relaxed.
  3. You should opt for a place that is familiar and provides you maximum and needed comfort.
  4. If you are on drug therapy, ensure you take the prescriptions before sex. It follows that you should also have eaten at least two hours before sex.
  5. If you noticed your medications reduce your interest in sex, you can talk to your physician about it for possible modification of your drug combination.
  6. Never take erectile dysfunction drugs like sildenafil (more commonly known as Viagra) to boost your sex drive. Most people who have suffered a heart attack are placed on nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin and sildenafil is a fatal combination which must never be taken.
  7. You may want to start gently with at-ease foreplay like cuddling. This is to check your stress level and watch out for warning signs. You can proceed with more intense stuff if no symptoms hinder you.
  8. Stick with sex styles and positions that are familiar to you. The goal is to achieve good sex, not a rushed, complicated and uncomfortable activity.

In conclusion, sex and your heart health are related. While sex has no significant negative effect on your heart, sub-optimal heart health can have an impact on your sex life negatively. However, if you want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, you must ensure your heart is in the right condition. One of the ways to know that is by testing.

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