Top Medical Diagnostic Centres In Abuja

It is not uncommon to receive news that someone passed away because they were diagnosed wrongly. Or that their condition has worsened beyond treatment because it was not caught early on. If you have not heard of such terrible situations or something similar, just ask the next person. This occurrence is, unfortunately, too familiar.

A good diagnosis is vital to effective patient management. What this implies is that the first step taken in the management of a person is to diagnose them.

It is like erecting a three-story building on a weak foundation. But now imagine this foundation is a misdiagnosis and the giant structure as hundreds of thousands of naira spent treating the wrong ailment. Your guess is as correct as mine. The patient may die and a lot of money would have been wasted for nothing.

What factors to consider when choosing a diagnostic centre

Wide variety of test offerings: A good lab should offer tests cutting across different systems and techniques. The advantage of choosing a lab that provides a broad test menu is that you can easily carry out all your required tests in one centre, instead of moving from one point to another. And this is particularly not recommendable, especially when the individual is in a sensitive state.

Rapid result collection: This factor is of topmost priority. In case of an emergency, for example, you require a lab that not only prioritizes you but also can analyze your sample rapidly and provide answers to guide treatment. Outside of emergencies, in urgent cases that require a quick medical response, you still need a laboratory that delivers results in the shortest possible time.

Convenience: You want to factor in ease when selecting a lab to cater to you. This could be in the form of scheduling, sample collection, payment, and other logistics. It can be annoying to join a long queue on a workday to run some tests because your lab does not provide home service or they could not give you an appointed time. It is advisable to choose centres that make your experience seamless.

Consultation as an add-on service: Although this is not one of the main criteria, you may desire a facility that provides on-the-spot consultation or counselling after your result is released

10 top diagnostics centres in Abuja

Although there is a scarcity of well-equipped laboratories, it is important to have a list of the few top-notch ones. Whether it is a preventive test, routine, required or advanced test, here are the best ten diagnostic centres to check out;

  • Synlab

Synlab is one of the biggest chains of diagnostic services and the leading pathology testing centres in Nigeria.  They offer over 5,000 comprehensive tests and this is the largest offering by any lab in Africa. With their network of medical and laboratory professionals and a world-class facility put together, they deliver accurate results and satisfactory services to customers.

  • LifeBridge Medical Diagnostic centre

LifeBridge has an experienced team across various specialities related to diagnostics. They boast of an impressive array of tests ranging from radiology to medical laboratory services. Their ultramodern equipment in addition to the advanced technology they have adopted enables their lab to issue quick and reliable results.

  • DNA Laboratories

They are an indigenous chain of biotech companies with facilities in five cities; Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, and Port-Harcourt. DNA labs offer specific services in the area of genetic testing which includes DNA sequencing, cancer, and PCR. This top-notch centre is also approved for COVID-19 testing.

  • Body Affairs Diagnostics

Body Affairs Diagnostics is a modern integrated healthcare centre whose goal is to improve health and well-being through diagnostic excellence. Their test offer is a vast one that cuts across all laboratory subspecialties. These include imaging scan, cell and molecular genetic testing, blood, tissue, antibody, and biochemical tests. To finesse all this, they have a team of highly skilled and attentive personnel to ensure clients are appropriately treated.

  • FirmCare Diagnostics & Medical Services

FirmCare has a broad and integrated test menu of over 3200 encompassing three majors; medical laboratory, ultrasound, and endoscopy. They offer not only diagnostic care but also clinical care. Apart from individual customers, they conduct workplace checkups on staff and promote health education. Their services are tech-powered, and their equipment is sophisticated.

  • EHA Clinics & Diagnostics

At EHA, although their test range is relatively small, they provide a remarkable service. This is because they are more of a clinical facility than diagnostic. The tests they offer are necessary to help them reach a diagnosis that they will then treat. They provide tests like haematological and biochemical tests and ultrasonography.

  • Pseven Medical Diagnostic & Consulting

Pseven diagnostics is a highly equipped centre that places huge focus on preventive diagnosis. It has a generalized testing menu and a curated package for specific groups. They make use of an online result delivery which customers can access from the comfort of their homes.

  • e-Clinic & Diagnostics

This centre is a highly specialized one overseen by a team of dedicated experts. They utilize an online booking system alongside other cutting-edge technology and automated equipment. e-Clinic provides quality services and delivers reliable results quickly.

  • EchoScan

Echoscan is a diagnostic company heavily specialized in radiological-based investigation which ranges from CT, X-ray imaging, mammography to ultrasound. They are also a modern cardiac hospital that provides up-to-date cardio diagnostics and intervention.

  • HealthTracka

Healthtracka is an online-based diagnostic company providing over 50 diagnostic tests singly and in carefully selected packages. This digital platform allows you to book and pay for your preferred package at affordable prices. Customers can request a home sample collection or walk into any laboratory HealthTracka partners with. And within 24-48 hours of sample collection, the results will be emailed to you. Their approach virtually eliminates the need for a hospital visit and, at the same time, increases health outcomes.

Book a test with Healthtracka here and never worry about long clinic queues, again.

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