What Are The COVID-19 Test Requirements For International Travel In Nigeria?

Since the COVID pandemic claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and infected millions of people across the world. It is understandable that the government and disease control bodies across the world are slow to open their borders and are only gradually allowing travel in and out of the countries.

The Nigerian Government in conjunction with the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control also has strict measures in place to ensure international travel happens without the risk of another COVID wave.

If you are preparing for international travel in Nigeria, booking a COVID test should be on the top of your to-do list before travelling.

The COVID-19 PCR test is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wishes to travel internationally from Nigeria and must be done at a government-accredited testing center.

According to the Director-General of the National Centre for Disease Control, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, it is important to note that as of today, ‘Regardless of where you are traveling to, a Negative PCR test result must be presented at the airport before leaving Nigeria’.

Yes, even if you are fully vaccinated or your airline says you don’t need a COVID test result. This is the directive from NCDC.

Before we continue, it is important to emphasize that the COVID test to be done must be PCR, not rapid test, not antigen test, not antibody test but a \’COVID PCR test.\’ So ensure your COVID test is PCR.

What Is a Covid PCR Test?

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests are engineered to seek genetic material called RNA that instructs the virus to make these proteins which makes a COVID PCR test the most accurate form of COVID testing.

According to numerous reports including that of CDC, COVID Rapid Antigen tests have lower sensitivity compared with PCR tests. That is why most countries including Nigeria insist on a COVID PCR Test to be sure.

When exactly should I book my Covid test?

According to NCDC, your COVID PCR tests must be done a maximum of 72hrs before your flight. This is where it gets tricky, some countries like the UK require that your Covid test results be within 48-hours before your arrival. This means that you may want to stick to testing a maximum of 24-48hours before your flight date, so your results don’t expire before boarding your flight. So, consider your layovers and travel time when booking your COVID PCR test

Healthtracka offers same-day test results for their COVID PCR tests to allow travelers to plan their trips better.

What details would I need to submit to book my COVID-19 PCR Test?

Just Contact Details like Name, Gender, Address, Email Address etc..

Do my children need to take the Covid PCR tests too?

NCDC has reportedly mentioned that children below 5 years old are not required to take a test as long as their accompanying adults have their negative PCR tests. Many other countries align on the age cap, however, countries like the USA have been noted to insist that only children below 2 years are exempted from testing. So you may want to do your own research on your visiting countries and their testing policies.


How much is the Covid PCR Test in Nigeria?

Well, it depends on your location.

According to the NCDC website, each state government sets the price of COVID PCR tests.

For example, in Lagos, the COVID PCR test costs N50,400 while in Abuja, the test costs N39,500.

Note that the same cost applies to both adults and children.

Where can I find a Govt Accredited Covid PCR test Center?

Book your PCR tests on healthtracka.com for assurance that your test will be done at a government accredited centre. All results will be QR-coded for scanning at the airport.

That is not all – \’Healthtracka offers FREE Home Sample collection for users within Central Lagos and Ibadan. Healthtracka will come to your location for your Covid tests and Results will be delivered by mail the same day.\’

No traffic, No queues, No stress.

You can also choose to visit any one of the govt accredited centers closest to you.

How do I pay for Covid PCR tests?

Once you book your test on healthtracka.com, you can choose to pay with a Card or transfer in both local and international currency.

Finally, travel is an important part of our lives as humans. The COVID Pandemic can’t hold us down for long. As we say in this part of the world, We MOOVE.

Book your COVID PCR test here.


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