8 Reasons To Get An Employee Health Checkup For Your Company

A healthy team is a productive team. One of the biggest motivations for employees across the world is knowing that they work in a company that cares about their health – not just through insurance packages, but also by offering preventive health programs that ensure they never burn out. This is one of the well-kept secrets of companies with high staff retention rates across the world today. They offer corporate health checkup as a perk or added working benefit.

Have you been looking for ways to reduce burnout among your staff? Do you want to help them identify possible health issues before they become serious and affect performance? Are you looking for a way to engage your staff with something healthy and exciting?

An employee health checkup program works perfectly for you.

In this article, you will learn about 5 reasons you should plan an employee health checkup for your company as soon as possible.

What is an employee health checkup or corporate health checkup program?

An Employee Health Checkup program is a corporate initiative that connects employees of an organization to a medical team for a series of activities geared towards preventive health and achieving work-life balance.

This program usually consists of health tests that show the health status of employees, fitness exercises, health talks, customized medical reports, and recommendations for better lifestyle options for the employees.

Why is the employee health checkup program necessary for your company?

As your company continues to grow and achieve success, it is important to pay attention to the high-performing employees who are critical to that success. Beyond salary raises, bonuses, and commissions, employees also appreciate companies that show they care about their health too. This is one way to ensure they are retained and can continue to give their best.

Working in a corporate organization can be demanding. Many employees are stressed and working under conditions that expose them to the likelihood of developing chronic conditions. Some are already suffering from these conditions without knowing it. A few who already know about their health conditions need help maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

According to a survey;

  • 42.5% of employees from the private sector suffer major health disorders.
  • Investing in preventive health saves up to $150/year in absenteeism and health care costs.
  • Around 70% relation exists between the age factor and the loss of working days due to health issues.

These and many more are the compelling reasons every employer must protect the health of their top-performing employees by getting a corporate health checkup program.

What do you benefit from getting a corporate health checkup program for your company?

The benefits of getting preventive corporate health checkups are immense for the staff and the company at large.

From the company’s point of view, it is an important investment that saves money for the company in the long run and ensures employees are healthy and motivated to keep giving their best work, all year long. An estimated $150 is saved on each employee’s health cost every year just by getting into preventive health routines.

Moreso, this health initiative creates a stronger emotional bond between the employees and their employer. There is a reputational value in there too, which helps the company attract the best talents available.

Below is a list of other benefits to your company:

  1. Creates a Positive, Safe, and Healthy Work Environment: A company that prioritizes the health of its workers will build a positive and healthy culture among staff, ensuring that each one looks after the other, and success is collectively achieved without anyone being left out.
  2. Reduces Employee Absenteeism and Sick leaves: Each time an employee is unable to work as a result of sickness costs the company money when deliverables are delayed. Some employees also avoid coming to work when they feel unmotivated. A company that prioritizes health will have motivated employees who are happy to show up every day.
  3. Increases Productivity among Staff: One of the intrinsic benefits of a health checkup program is that it boosts the morale of employees, builds their trust, and inspires them to increase their productivity at work. When employees know the state of their health, they can make the best use of their time and effort at work every day, thereby helping the company optimize.
  4. A good way to earn employee PR: People talk. When your employees appreciate what you are doing for their health, they will tell family, friends, and others around them. This boosts your company’s image, increases awareness and interest in what you do, and generally helps to attract the best talents and opportunities to your company.

Here is a list of benefits to the staff:

  1. Reduces Stress and Improves their Physical Fitness: With a properly planned employee health checkup program, employees will feel less stress and start to embark on fitness programs that help them maintain strength and focus at work. When they feel better, they work better.
  2. Helps to Achieve Work-Life Balance: Many workers complain about being choked with work and not having enough time for themselves. With a corporate health checkup plan that works, they will start to feel committed to other parts of their physical development, beyond work. This impacts their sense of fulfillment and creativity at work
  3. Reduces Personal Medical Costs: Preventive health definitely helps to cut down on treatment costs. Employees will be able to save more money for other purposes. Furthermore, their health risks are drastically reduced and they won’t have to spend heavily on emergency treatment.
  4. Access to health information: Having information about their health handy is important to ensure that employees can make better decisions about their health and lifestyle choices always. With a well-planned employee health checkup, every staff will get personalized reports and recommendations from licensed doctors to improve and maintain good health.

The key to continuous productivity is having a healthy staff. This makes a huge difference in terms of the progress and culture of the company. Employees are more conscious of their health, and the entire team is happy.

Which employee or corporate health checkup program should you get for your company?

It is important to insist on quality when shopping for a corporate health checkup plan for your company. Engaging in a poorly planned program may have drastic effects on the health and mood of employees, defeating the purpose of planning in the first place.

Here is a checklist of what to look out for in a corporate health checkup program:

  • Health and wellness screening for all employees. This should include checks such as Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Check, Urinalysis, Kidney, and Liver Function Tests, among others.
  • Fitness and Aerobics Session. This is for physical activities and to help the employees develop an exercise routine.
  • Health & Nutrition Session. This will help employees understand how diet and other lifestyle habits affect their health.
  • Consultation with Doctors. This is a post-test activity that allows each employee to consult with a doctor based on test results and know the important next steps towards achieving and maintaining good health.
  • Health reports: This is a detailed health report for HR. It does not contain personal health details of employees, but a general overview of employee health. It helps HR and employers make better decisions about managing employee health and providing a healthy work environment for everyone.

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Employee or Corporate Health checkups are a way of showing compassion towards your employees. This builds trust and ensures overall corporate wellness. It is a worthy investment that offers tangible and long-term benefits for the brand, people, and business.

You should get one for your company as soon as possible.

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